Jenny Stehle

Meet Ambassador Jenny Stehel

I am a Pittsburgh girl.  Born & Raised.  Wife and momma of two.  I love anything that gets me outside, and I adore getting lost on back country roads.  I’m a self proclaimed “Jane of all trades,” and have a resume about a mile long.  I used to think of it as a negative.  I now think of it as life experience.  I spent my 20’s making some pretty terrible mistakes, my 30’s learning and growing from those mistakes.  Now as I enter my 40’s – I’m committed to being the best freaking version of myself as humanly possible and helping others do the same.

I’m a health and fitness coach first and foremost, and my dream is to start an organization that helps men and women recover from the internal scars of Emotional Abuse.  As a survivor myself, it’s my mission to pay it forward to show people it IS possible to make it to the other side.  I’m living proof!

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