Jennifer Oxendine

Meet Ambassador Jennifer Oxendine

Hey y’all! My name is Jennifer Oxendine and I live in the beautiful mountains of East Tennessee. I am a stay at home mom of 2 little ladies (1 is 4 and my youngest is a newborn!) I am also a MMA gym owner with my husband, a combat sports Ring Announcer, a fitness instructor, and a homeschool mom! I wear many hats in our crazy life but am loving every minute of our chaos. In this social media driven world there is such immense pressure to “look”, “be”, or “appear” a certain way. Online comparison has spiraled out of control. I think that it is so important as women that we empower each other, build each other up, and reiterate to each other how freaking awesome we are!! We need no comparison! Life is short, we only get 1 shot, let’s be the best and most positive version that we can be!!

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