Jenn Butt

Meet Ambassador Jenn Butt

I love my city and call Charlottesville, VA my home.  By day, I work in the clinical research field supporting phase IV drug trials for rare bone disorders.  Early Monday and Wednesday mornings, I go to the gym and move my body weight and other heavy things.  On Tuesday and Thursday evenings, I practice Karate.  I’m currently a purple belt in Karate and a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do.  I run several 5Ks per year, as well a few longer distance races, so I guess I could be considered a runner, but I don’t consider myself a runner!  Along those same lines, I’m an athlete, but I don’t really look like one because I also love food!  I LOVE to kayak and hike and my love for hiking lead to my ability to TRY a Spartan Race.  And…….you can’t do just ONE!  I completed 2 last year, have completed 2 so far this year and have 3 more planned for 2018.  I am pumped to be a Warrior Goddess Gear Ambassador because I feel like I have found my tribe in the racing, Spartan and fitness world and I want to share the encouragement and support that I feel each day.

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