Nutrition & Inspiration Journal

Stay Dedicated to Your Wellness with Mindful Nutrition & Inspiration Tracking!
Being healthy and well is about so much more than a number on a scale. It’s about making substitutions, not major sacrifices. It’s about having enough energy to make it through your crazy days. It’s about making small, healthy choices that add up to major long term change and success.

These Warrior Goddess Journals were designed to make it easy to document your nutrients, vitamins, food, and water consumption.

In the midst of long term healthy changes, I discovered just how beneficial tracking my nutrition was. I began to decipher patterns and peel back the layers of myself that were getting in the way of achieving my wellness and fitness goals.

Since wellness is not only about your body…Opposite each page from the nutrition tracking, you will find inspiring quotes and questions to keep you focused on gratitude, wellness and health.

Staying inspired and focused on happiness (Happy is a Choice after all!) improves your present moments, helps you define clear goals and achieve them faster!

Plus, journaling about your goals and life, allows you to look back on all the events/people/happenings you’ve been grateful to experience. There’s magic in written word and there is much power when you put pen to paper. Don’t loose this magic. Cultivate your passions, dreams and nutritional goals in these pages.

Each Journal is Hand Numbered and Personally Signed.
There are only 59 in this first run! Only $20!

I will gladly customize your journal just for you or a loved one if you provide the name desired.

Reach out and grab your copy today to commit to your wellness of both mind and body!

– Paige Rudolph Wester, WGG Founder

Due to new sales tax regulations in the US, please submit your order below and we will send you a PayPal invoice with the correct sales tax for your state/city. We are sorry for the inconvenience but don’t want to mess with Mr. Tax Man. Thank you for your understanding.

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