WGG Apparel


Made for Fierce Females by Fierce Females!

Tired of workout clothes with no personality?
We sure were!

Want your style to shine, even in the gym?
We did too!


Warrior Goddess Gear was designed with the fierce female in mind. Whether it’s for fitness or casual wear, we’ve got you covered. Our badass workout shirts and sassy workout clothes will have you looking great in the gym and at happy hour or family dinner! These clothing lines were made for active girls, superwomen,  mommas and fierce females!

Our apparel is specifically developed with your active lifestyle in mind and infuses great gear with Fierce Humor! Wear your personality on your sleeve as you rep those bicep curls or rounds on the heavy bag! Let everyone know just how Fierce You Are!

We know it can be important for females to look as good as they feel! Especially when you work so hard at it, right ladies?!?!?! Treat yourself! Your gym clothes or active wear need an upgrade? Have you changed phones more than you’ve changed out your sweaty workout gear in the last few years?

If you answered no, maybe it’s time to bring some Fierce Warrior Goddess Gear into your life! You’ve been keeping up with your goals, resolutions or commitments, after all, You Deserve it! Don’t forget…Self Care is Not Selfish, It’s Absolutely Essential.

Warrior Goddess Gear doesn’t just leave you looking and feeling amazing, but it is also extremely functional during your workouts and trainings. No more pulling and tugging on shirts that don’t fit right. These designs and apparel styles were made to flatter our female figures! Warrior Goddesses come in all shapes and sizes.

We proudly celebrate diversity of all kinds. We are a badass ladies apparel company for Every Body and have sassy shirts to show off your style! Regardless of your size or style, we’ve got you covered because we know how important it is to LOVE YOURSELF JUST AS YOU ARE! We can always improve and change but to love ourselves is a true gift!

Join our Warrior Goddess Gear Tribe and Facebook Group to be Challenged, Uplifted and Supported! We would love to have you join our Tribe!


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