Introducing International Ambassador and Fierce Warrior Goddess Haley Rankin! Welcome to the WGG Tribe Haley! Throughout Haley’s life she has struggled with depression, weight gain, suicidal thoughts, mild eating disorders, and an auto immune disease. To overcome and keep the demons at bay, she’s invested a HUGE amount of time and effort into bettering her mind, body, and soul. She enjoy training amateur lifters and helping educate people on what a healthy, balanced diet should consist of. Haley is also going to school for Intelligence Studies and after the military she hope to get a job working with the CIA or similar agencies. Haley has been in the military for over five years and is currently on her second deployment. Since joining the military she has become very involved in fitness and has competed in multiple powerlifting competitions. When Haley is not at work, the gym, or doing school work, she’s most likely enjoying a Mojito in a different country. She feels SO blessed to be living in northern Italy (when she’s not in the middle east) and to have the opportunity to travel every weekend.

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